Monday, December 01, 2008

Brr and frack

OK. Seriously. Just because it's December 1st doesn't mean we HAVE to have snow and ice. We've made it so far this season without it. Can't we just continue on our merry way with cold and wind but no ice? For a bit?

Picture me in Patrick's torn sweats, a black fancy wool coat, no gloves (WTH are they?), and white canvas sneakers, tromping around my big red conversion van with the SHORT ice scraper (WTH is our ultra-long one made for short people with tall cars???). Imagine me swearing, slipping, and shivering as I literally hacked at the ice while my kids sat in the warm van.

Guess what their new chore is going to be, now that they can't dust due to the Christmas decorations? Oh yes. I am buying several ice scrapers and a ton of salt for the driveway. I have paid my dues these past 9 years. With God as my witness, my children are taking over.

My friend popped my Facebook cherry. I am now officially hooked on another internet perk. Which is great, cuz I don't spend nearly enough time checking all of your lovely blogs, fretting over how to post something riveting enough to make you comment (why don't you comment anymore? Am I that predictable? Where's the love???), and trying to get past level 9 on the Pizza Palace on my kids' Webkinz sites.

Yes. Facebook was a brillllliant idea to try out...
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