Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A break. HA.

I often read bloggers who have had periods of less online time exclaiming over how they didn't miss it or felt invigorated by all their extra time... Hmm. I am the opposite, apparently. This forced blogging break, due to winter vacation for the offspring, has left me a bit deflated. I still have lots of ideas and things to say, but never the time to record them. There are rooms to reorganize, parties to cook for, twice the meals to prepare, etc. In between all of that, there are three times the arguments, high-speed chases through the house, Fairy Parties to attend, and requests to play a new Pokemon game.

I'm spent.

Honestly, when I sat down, about 8 minutes ago, I had a fabulous idea for an end of the year post. All about living with an open heart, new resolutions, blah blah blah. But now? I am antsy, agitated and angry (oooh! triple A) after shrieking at the whining and arguing over the seating arrangements in the family room....

God Damn it. They're pushing each other off the couch. The 9 year old and 3 year old. GIVE ME A BREAK!!

I swear...


Still yelling.

Ok. I guess I cannot blog until Jan 5. Until then, any posts or comments are completely random gifts from someone above. Somebody post something riveting and let me know about it, ok?
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