Thursday, December 04, 2008

21 days till Christmas!

Just walked into the family room to see Corinne making Cinderella and Woody kiss.

Should I be concerned??
I pulled out the "You think YOU have it hard? Why, when I was little... " card last night. Justin claims that everyone in his class had at least $29 to spend at the school's Holiday Shop. (Damn you, Holiday Shop!) He only had $9 to spend and it wasn't enough to buy anything GOOD for any of us. And it's just not faaaaiiiirrrrrr.....

You will be proud of me, though. I didn't just talk about MY childhood, I talked about his grandparents getting only 1 present a year and not having lots of clothes or books or opportunities like HE has. Gratitude, child. Look beyond your own situation to see how blessed we all are! He was able to talk about how his own friends like his house and he likes their houses, not because they're really fancier than each other's, but because they're DIFFERENT from what he's used to. EXACTLY, kiddo. Exactly...
Something to know about JCPenny! I bought a gift that was $31 on the tag. When I got to the register and paid with my JCPenny card, it only cost $23 after tax. The cashier told me that I spent over $25, so I received $10 off!! HELLLLOOOO!!! I am going back to JCPenny, baby. I don't know if it's all stores, all the time, only with their in-store card, or what, but if I find out, I'll let you know. Basically, call your store, because that is a FABULOUS deal. Especially if it's every time you buy something... What if I can check out more than once in a day? Oooohh!!!! I hope...

Kids are home and need help with their homework. Peace out.
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