Friday, December 12, 2008


No, it's not my shoe size, IQ, or amount of money I have left after Christmas shopping (though it's close...). It is the temperature outside my house. And I am not amused.

Though, if I have to be frozen like a popsicle, I am glad that I can do it with my newly touched up hair. Finally made it into the hairdresser's today. Thank GOD, because the roots were taking on a life of their own and we're meeting up with a group of friends that I haven't seen in about 12 years. I'd prefer to say hello again without looking like a skunk took up residence on my head...

Aside note to self: if there isn't a lot to eat in the house, don't make the Nana's Apple Cake from Tastefully Simple, for you will eat it ALL. (it's not gone yet, but close...) This will make it very hard for you to hold to that promise you made yourself back in June. Remember, Self?

No. More. Apple. Cake.

Have a groovy weekend. Hope your Saturday night is as fun as I think mine will be...

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