Sunday, December 14, 2008

A weird and wacky fact

There isn't any "tea" in Long Island Iced Tea!! It's just lots of different alcohols mixed together with some ice and a splash of Coke to make it look as though that drink you're sipping at the family barbeque is Iced Tea instead of "Crazy alcoholic drink that will get you drunk at that gathering for old friends waaaaaay faster than you planned."

Sounds a bit like false advertising, don't you think?

Good thing all those old friends only remember me being drunk, anyway. Plus, all of that extra alcohol makes me way sexier and funnier than I usually am. Seeing as how I am generally smokin hot and chock full of stand-up-worthy material, you can IMAGINE what a blast I am once intoxicated.

At least I didn't head bang and hit my forehead on the floor this time.

Though I did crack the back of my head on the concrete floor after trying to do a flying leap into an equally inebriated friend who dropped me....

That, my friends, is classy.
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