Saturday, November 22, 2008

You seely leetle hamster.

How du yu do eet, Nah blow poe moe? How du yu make me stay up soo late, so zat I cahn type zees post? So zat I do not neeglect my comeetment? Eh?

Yu sneeky sneeky fiend.

No! I 'av NOT beeeen dreenking!! Slap, slap, I go upon yoor faze!!

And Yes! I am lying! Ha HA! 'Av yu not beeeen reeding my blog for verry verry long? Do yu not know my luve for a guud cheep 'vine?? Eh?

For shame!! You! Must reed!! Verry verry guud blog, zis is!

Vat 'av you beeeen doing vith your life, if not reeding zis blog, you seeely little blahger??

Now reed my blog's archives for hours and hours, or I shall taunt you a second time!!
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