Friday, November 21, 2008

Responsible? Me?

You know what sucks about being "Responsible?" Not getting to do whatever I want.

Yes. THAT SUCKS. Because what I want to do right now, is blog browse, write a post for Root and Sprout and drink my coffee. But what I am going to do, being so freaking responsible all of a sudden, is finish cleaning the toilets with the CLR I am reviewing and fold even MORE laundry. Yippee freaking skippy...

On the upside, we are headed to the circus tonight! And gas is plummeting even further, making the trip to Chicago practically free.

Speaking of gas, does the dropping gas freak anybody else out? Besides me? Am I the only one who is wringing her hands, wondering when the gas will begin its ascent to the heights it was a few months ago? Is anyone else hoping that those who have been really, REALLY affected by the gas prices of the past year won't overspend this holiday season? That they will remember all of the times they had to dip further into their pockets for money just to GET to work? Will our economy suffer even greater issues due to the debt our nation will incur these next few weeks?


Sometimes being an adult really bites.

But at least nobody is making me eat creamed corn anymore. There's a bonus...
Still makes me shudder... bleeecchhhh.....
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