Thursday, November 06, 2008

Rinny the Entertainer

The colors are on their last leg. My trees are the last to change each fall, and they are absolutely gorgeous right now. Which means, I suppose, that fall is officially, FINALLY, here.
If you haven't met Corinne in person, you can't understand the complete spectrum of crazy, wild-woman, entertainer personality she possesses. She is utterly unafraid of singing and dancing for a crowd or of introducing herself to a group of new children. A teacher asks a question in class? I can guarantee that Corinne will be that kid that is shouting out the answer with a huge grin on her face. (my apologies to her future teachers!) I have had waiters in restaurants come by for encores of her renditions of "Cinderella" and "Enchanted" tunes. Just today, she sang (in key) the full "Part of your World" song from Ariel for the entire ballet class as we waited for class to begin...

Honestly? I don't know where she gets it. Neither Patrick or I are shy adults. We are able to introduce ourselves at a party, speak in front of groups, and have both enjoyed singing and acting in high school and college. But as a child I was SHY. At least, around adults! I would pull my chin down and peer through my bangs at any strange adult who dared speak to me. I hated all photographers and other adults that used a falsetto voice when speaking to children. If you wanted me to respond, you were better off just barely acknowledging my existence for a while and waiting for me to come to you!

Obviously, I outgrew it. But Corinne has so much self-confidence, so young, it is almost scary to picture where she will be in 10,15, and 20 years...

I'm sure it'll be a wild ride, wherever she takes us!
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