Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Even Obama picks his nose...

I was watching a news reporter this morning, commenting on Barack Obama's win (yay!). He was concerned with the deification of our new president. Points were made about supporters' belief that this man will save our economy, stop all wars and change the World, all while following through on every single change he hopes to accomplish.

To that reporter's concern, I say, Me Too!

Obama is still just one man. One man with a huge vision and support network, to be sure, but still, One Man. I hope, for all our sake's and his as well, that Americans can remember this fact. Especially when he makes a decision on a policy or situation that you can't understand. Just remember this one thing: he's a human being. And no human being is without flaws.


My sons, my husband and I stayed up a bit last night to watch the election on the news.

"I voted for Obama, Mommy!" "Me too!" they exclaimed. Apparently, their school did a mini-election and Mr. Obama won with about 212 to 38 votes. Not surprising in a Blue State, eh? The excitement they felt was... sweet. I remember the first time I really understood what a presidential election was about. I do believe I watched Reagan's election and thought it was cool that a man from Illinois who was an ACTOR was going to lead our nation.... ;) But this time, I watched my boys' faces and saw in them a curiosity about the political world. So we dove right into the discussions.

We discussed my sparse knowledge of Democratic beliefs and Republican beliefs. Of what people were hoping for when they chose each nominee at the polls. We discussed how "anyone" can become president in our nation. When I said this morning, how exciting it is that we have our first black president, Evan said, "No, Mommy! Abraham Lincoln was black."

Pause. Pause.

I corrected him, by saying that Lincoln was TALL, not black.

"Oooooh, yeah. That's right."

It's nice when our kids are truly, truly color-blind. It's also nice that our nation seems to be following suit.
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