Sunday, November 09, 2008

A Quiet 3 year old

Never a good thing, right? Corinne's list of Naughty Things from yesterday alone:

- Got glue from the craft shelves (in the laundry room! She had to bring a stool in to get them down. WHERE was I?!?).

- Opened and poured said glue on her play table. She made an art project with pom poms and paper. And glue. Lots and lots of glue...

- Used her brother's toy airplane to jab holes into the boxes of Cub Scout popcorn that do NOT belong to me.

- Moved her bed in an attempt to get the cat from under her bed. While doing so, she knocked over her small table with books on it and decided that reading would be a great idea. About 2 dozen books, scattered across the room. And all of that was while she was in TIME OUT. (books got confiscated. Don't fret. She has hundreds of books...)

- Colored on the floor with orange crayon.

- Dismantled her brother's Tinker Toy creation that was stored on a shelf. Again, HOW??

- Pulled her dresser over. Yes. She could have died and I am still freaking out about that... But WHY? Why did she pull it over? Because she wanted to see if there was a flashlight on top of it. Which makes perfect sense, of course...

When the boys were getting their allowances, she pulled the lip out and cried to Daddy that she wanted allowance, too. Daddy, who hadn't been witness to the magnitude of naughtiness that was her highness yesterday afternoon, pulled out a dollar since she had helped clean so much (really, she's a great helper). When I sat her on the counter and had her tell Daddy the things she had done and then asked her if she really, truly deserved that dollar?

She batted her eyes.

She held that dollar like a baby and pouted her lip and said "Please???" in a voice I didn't know she knew how to master already...

We are in SO MUCH trouble!
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