Saturday, November 08, 2008

If you could detach it, what, exactly, would you do with it?

And why?

So, this is what it's like to force yourself to post. Thank you, Nablopomo. I am now posting on a Saturday, after judging at a high school speech meet. I am listening to Evan get lectured by Patrick for yelling at us (6 year olds are grand, aren't they?). Glad he's doing it because I am hoarse after yelling at Corinne for pouring glue on the table, poking holes in the Cub Scout popcorn boxes and then playing toys while in time out.

And I get to document it on my blog!


Ever hear a song that you haven't heard in eons? And then wonder how it became so popular? And how everyone knew it? I had a day full of memories, bopping to tunes, as I drove in the car by MYSELF to the meet.

You know what's something icky I didn't think about before I googled it? The gross stuff that pops up when you look for a link to the Detachable Penis song. Really, people. Ew.
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