Friday, October 17, 2008

Ladies Man....

Apparently Evan is "done with Love." According to my FIRST grader, he has found love and he's got it covered.

Also, according to my SIX YEAR OLD, he has found love in every grade. Yeah, in every grade so far (you know, preschool, kindergarten and first) he has managed to find love with a beautiful girl.


Sweet though it may be, I am a bit baffled at his willingness to declare his adoration for these girls. Also, the fact that he has called a 6 year old girl "hot" is concerning to me.

We have discussed that he is not old enough for a true girlfriend, and though he may really care for someone special, he needs to concentrate on being friends. JUST FRIENDS. Friends with everyone and not worrying about love.

This is totally not something I planned on having to cover yet! My 9 year old, maybe, but my first grader??? My baby boy?!? Being lured by the charms of little vixens wearing Strawberry Shortcake and pigtails?!?

He has reported to me that A told B who told him that C likes him and thinks he's cute. Also that D thinks he's cute too, but doesn't like him other than a friend...

Lord help me...
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