Wednesday, October 08, 2008

It's not lying, it's Resourceful Parenting.

Folding laundry on the family room floor and Corinne comes over to play with her princesses. Her hair is all slicked down which is strange as I usually don't try to make her look like Everett...

Tracey: Hey, what's on your hair?

Corinne: Nuffing, Mommy. Nuffing is on my hair...

Tracey: Um, your hair's wet, so something is on your hair. Did you slick it down with water in the bathroom?

Corinne: Um, yes. Yes, I used water, Mommy....

Tracey: (smelling a rat) Come here. (patting her head) Your hair is kind of crunchy and smells like my apple body spray! Did you use my spray?

Corinne: (indignantly)No, Mommy! I not use your spray! It's NUFFING, Mommy!! I not put anyfing on my hair!!

Tracey: Corinne Theresa. You are lying to Mommy...

Corinne: (interrupting) NO MOMMY!! I NOT LYING!!! (angry eyebrows and hands on hips)

Tracey:(pointing and gasping) Your nose!! OH NO!! YOUR NOSE!! It's growing just like Pinocchio's did when he lied to his Daddy! You had better tell the truth quickly or it will be big for forever!!!! (insert much dramatics and very convincing facial expressions)

Corinne: (Eyes grow extremely huge as her hands clasp over her nose) (incoherent gasp of fear) I used your spray!! I'M SORRY!! I USED YOUR SPRAY, MOMMY!!!!!

Tracey: Whew. That was a close one, honey. You had better always tell the truth or your nose will stretch across the room. Remember that, ok? Let me see your nose... Ah, yes. It looks better now.

Corinne: (eyes still wide and a look of utter fear on her face as she sniffs and runs to the bathroom to double check her schnoz.)

Scarring her for life? I think not. Hoping to get a few more weeks of truth out of her, though...
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