Friday, October 31, 2008

I can't think of a title witty enough for Comment Luv....

What the hell? How did this teeny tiny punkin....

Become this long-legged PUNK? Although, from the tantrum she threw on the other side of the locked bathroom door this morning (I know. The NERVE of me, to pee alone, right??) I was reminded of her first newborn cries... Only this time? Not so cute and not quite as much of an urge to run and comfort her.

Don't let that smile fool you. She had sugar so she HAD to behave. She's like your favorite candy bar: delicious to the point that you actually find yourself nibbling on her cheeks, but you will TOTALLY pay for all that nibbling when her high caloric count catches up with you. (Too vague of a comparison? No time to rewrite. I have a parade to attend!)

Oh, and she is apparently NOT going to be Batgirl for trick-or-treating, though she was for the party and her ballet class. No, tonight she will be wearing a ratty Barbie ballerina gown over a pink sweatsuit. Again, I am SO glad I didn't spend any money on her costume this year!!

Have fun tonight. Don't eat all the Snickers at once.
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