Saturday, November 01, 2008

First day and it's a FLOP!

So the first day of NaBloPoMo and I can't figure out why the site won't let me sign in. Oh, and I have no topics in mind for a post toDAY, let alone 29 more, so this site will be chock FULL of interesting posts, letmetellyou!!

So, other than 3 sugar-tired kids that didn't sleep till after 11:00, and empty beer cans on the back lawn (yes. We are THAT family.) we are having a good weekend. I actually made it on TIME to the popcorn pick-up for Cub Scouts (patting myself on the back...) and I EVEN sorted it out without any major drama. I totally deserve a salary raise for that one.
A ninja, a ballerina, and a pirate. Could we be more gender specific this Halloween???

The amazing x-ray vision ballerina...
Yes, my 9 and 6 year old were riding in the wagon intended for my 3 year old who hurt her widdle leg... Lazy butts.
Not sure what drama was going on with Evan right then. Wrong candy? Mom made him look at the camera?
Separating the loot.

So far I have only had 3 Snickers and a few lemon heads. But the night is young...

(Holy cow! I figured out the Nablopomo thingy!! I am official now...)

(Oh and Root and Sprout's November issue is up! I have an article in Wildflowers... Check us out!)
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