Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A bit of October

There's nothing quite like a brisk walk through piles of leaves so yellow they're practically flourescent... The delicious smell of decomposing flora and fauna (though it SOUNDS gross) is such a strong kicker to the olfactory memory chip, you know? How many times have I stood outside with my nose tilted upwards, inhaling till I was full of the aroma of autumn?

This morning has been refreshing, to say the least. Waking up between my 2 sons, all of us buried beneath the covers to escape the morning breeze from my bedroom windows. When Patrick is out of town, I find myself having to share even more of my blankets! We stayed up a tad late watching a recorded episode of Amazing Wedding Cakes. Ever see that show? AWEsome. The boys were astounded and couldn't imagine having to cut into one of those creations!

I am sitting here drinking LEADED coffee after a quick trip to the store last night... Listening to Corinne put her refrigerator magnets in time-out with a very disappointed voice. Should I be concerned more about the fact that the magnets are talking to each other or that they're so incredibly naughty? OR, about the fact that she keeps feeling the need to punish them?

Wish that I had had batteries in my camera yesterday (they're in the LeapPad) to capture the mud pie making contest held by the neighborhood kids. And the mud-splatters all over everyone!

Look at my little equestrian! She loves my mom's horse, Onyx. And he loves it when the little kids go to ride him cuz he gets off WAY easy! Corinne is still only halter-led around and only at a walk (though she begs to trot!).

Don't you love her pink boots?!?

A last note of an apology for anyone I haven't been commenting on lately. Apparently, as Shannon said, Bloglines WAS having a problem reading many of the feeds I read and I was missing out! I am slowly converting to GoogleReader. I'm such a follower, I know..
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