Monday, October 13, 2008

Yes, the coffee WAS decaf today... What of it?!?

You know you're in a bad mood when you have to literally hold yourself back from commenting that someone else's little darling isn't as precious as they appear. Oh, and please stop comparing your whiny tattle-tale to my own rough and bossy child, m'kay? We can agree that no child is perfect.

Just to be clear: it is never ok to continually comment on someone else's child's faults (to my face!) while extremely downplaying your own kid's problems. Not. O. K.

A completely unrelated picture.

Have I mentioned that I am not very fond of grasshoppers? I am particularly wary of big bugs that I cannot squash without hearing the crunch. Add that to the whole flying at my face/hair level and you will find me squealing (like a girl! Fancy that!) and running into the house.

The grasshoppers lately are HUGE and EVERYwhere. Yayyyy.....
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