Monday, September 24, 2007

Our Anniversary weekend

Wow. What a weekend!
I'm just gonna write as I remember, kay?

House on the Rock, WI:

What a weird, weird experience. Can't fully describe the strangeness of this museum/collection/former home... An eccentric man with lots of money and architectural talent combines to make the most unusual place I've been. Thousands of antique carousel horses and animals, hanging on the walls... hundreds of wooden angels (lifesize) soaring over your head... Thousands of porcelain dolls, staring at you from their own enormous carousel, begging from release from their circular prison (or so Patrick and I thought... Little Chucky had nuttin on what these dolls were capable of). We were amazed that a single person could collect such varied items (circus wagon wheels, musical instruments, dental equipment, dollhouses), and in such excess! It was actually creepy and overwhelming. Pat and I had a discussion over how the experience of going there felt to us. We're still not sure if we "liked" it, but it is definitely a place worth seeing and deciding for yourself. You WILL be amazed. You WILL feel creeped out by the millions of artificial eyes watching you, watching you...

We then drove onto Wisconsin Dells and stayed at the Kalahari resort. We've been to the Dells numerous times, and this was our second time at the Kalahari. They'd made a bunch of changes and they were all good ones! Lots of water slides, hot tubs, a body boarding ride, good restaurants, and a jacuzzi suite for us... :) FYI, did you know that bubble bath and a jacuzzi don't really mix well?? Hmmm. I never knew that... But the LATHER it creates is great.... I have a picture to prove it. I WILL develop them soon. Swear.

We found lots of restaurants that we had never tried before because of the kids. I think one of our favorites is David's Jamaican Cuisine on the main strip (but not downtown). A little hole in the wall, to be sure, but it's family run and the food is INCREDIBLE. Plastic silverware, patched ceilings and walls, and we got to meet the 5 year old son for a while. :) Loved it. Hope they continue to be there, because we will definitely be back! Jerked steak and jerked red snapper... yummmmm...

Overall, I had a wonderful time. 3 days of uninterrupted, casual, romantic, relaxing, exciting time with my husband. Roller coasters, mini golf, fancy drinks, gorgeous fall colors, hand holding on the strip, a movie (Good Luck Chuck. Moderately good. Wait for the DVD), hot tubs, much laughter and much love... I hope to do it every year!

We came home and were attacked by Corinne. She was so happy! The boys gave us happy hugs and kisses but the Pizza Hut was a bit distracting on their plates. :) My MIL took them lots of places, including their soccer games (bless her). She even cleaned my tupperware cabinet and emptied out my laundry hamper. I came home to a house cleaner than I left it!!! I don't know when the last time somebody other than me actually cleaned my house! I know some women would be mortified if their MIL cleaned for them. But I don't see it as a judgement saying that I can't clean, just as her way of helping out. She knows what it's like to have kids and to be tired. And I am not too full of myself to think that I do a great job at maintaining a home. Too busy playing at the park and blogging. Gotta live while you're here, right?

I'm sad that it's over, but so happy to be home. The kids were great for Grandma and had blast. What more can I ask?
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