Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Just delicious, y'all...

When Patrick and I celebrated our 11th anniversary last weekend, my blog wasn't far from my mind. Romantic, right? No, really it was because we were trying out the sample of steak sauce I received from Country Bob's. Never heard of them? Me neither! Which is why I was happy to test it out, especially on filet mignon on the grill, cooked to perfection by my groom. EXCellent!! The sauce was definitely tasty without being too much for such a fine piece of meat. Don't you just love how the internet brings new things to your life that would otherwise be unavailable?

Well Country Bob's has 2 boxes with sauces for you guys, my lovely readers!! Just click on over to their site and then back here to tell me what looks the most delicious to you in the comments. I'll pick a winner sometime on Wednesday, October 1st. It'll be the high tech mode of names drawn out of a hat by a lovely assistant (I'll give you 2 guesses as to what her name will be).

So! Start your clicking and I can't wait to see who wins!!
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