Saturday, September 27, 2008

Going on a Lego Hunt...

Christmas is calling to me, faintly... I can hear it saying "those neat ideas you have? You had better start looking now. Remember what happened during the Christmas seasons of '02 and '03? We don't want a repeat now, do we?"

So, I am on the search for Lego people. Just the little people that come WITH the Lego sets, you know? Not the actual sets, themselves. I did find the regular people, called something like "city workers" or something like that, but I was thinking more like extra Star Wars or Indiana Jones guys. Because THOSE are what my kids love best and THOSE are what they lose first! Especially Evan, my action figure freak. He could take 2 or 3 Lego men and play for hours with nothing else. Between the 2 boys, they have about 12 people we can find and about 20 that are lost... So, anyone know of ANYwhere that I can buy just the cool Lego people?
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