Sunday, September 28, 2008

Every little girl is a princess!

Ah yes. A post that might make you want to "unplug your cable modem..." But, as I've said before, this IS Just Another Mommy Blog. What did you expect to find?

(My title's a quote. Anyone? Anyone?)

I love my town. I really do. There are so many activities and social opportunities for my family. I mean, do ALL towns provide the chance for 60 little girls to dress up as a princess and attend a "real" enchanted ball? I'm guessing, no.
To say that she was excited is an obvious understatement. To say that the Pope is religious might be a good comparison to the level of thrill coursing through my daughter's (and my!) veins as we prepared for the evening. Curls were put into her tiny baby wisps, though they didn't hold (and I wasn't putting hair spray on her delicate tendrils!!). Sparkly chapstick was applied (and edited by Mommy). Special hand-me-down shoes from her cousin's stint as a flower girl were found to suddenly fit! We were off to a brilliant start...
Wearing a pink crown with jewels which covers Mommy's tiara (received from a long-ago friend from a mom's of boys website, as I am, after all, the Queen).
Face painting and fairy dust in her hair completed the look. We headed off to make 2 or 3 magic wands with glitter glue and stickers.

The Chicken Dance! My daughter can do the chicken dance!! And a multitude of other dances, apparently. She squealed as each princess song that she knew (Enchanted, Little Mermaid, etc.) played on the speakers. Much serenading was going on in that gym and she was, in my humble opinion, the cutest belle of the ball...

Here is an example of what I'd like my boys to be like. What a sweet teenager, to dress as a prince and take pictures with dozens of tiny princesses! Corinne had get up the courage to say hello to him, as she was getting very tired about then...
... she had been crying from exhaustion and from desperately wanting to say hello to the Real Princess, but being so nervous! This lovely princess almost got knocked over by the burst of bravery that her running hug delivered!

Such a sweet night... Her first ball! She sighed, with wistful eyes, "I wish I could sleep over here, for forever and ever..."
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