Monday, September 29, 2008

Sweet Dreams, Sleeping Beauty...

5 Minutes for Mom is having a FABULOUS contest! A free bedroom set! Check it out, but don't bother trying to win because THIS photo of my own angel is a sure fire winner for the Lily Rose Set:

Let us note the special bedtime items needed for such blissful sleep:

1. Pink Daddy Doggy - No, this is not a rapper's name. Pink Daddy Doggy was a special present from her Daddy when she was very young. She knows that her Dad picked it out for her all by himself "just because" and she cuddles him every night...

2. The Nana Blanket - my mother, aka "Nana", has made a special quilt for each grandchild. Corinne's is special because I adored this toille before I even knew she was a girl. Every Nana blanket is a treasure for forever...

3. Paci - Yes. It deserves a capital "P". She is a Pacifier child and I am forever indebted to this wonderful invention. Corinne has slept through the night since 5 days old because of this plug! Nothing makes a family happier than a baby who has slept!

I cannot imagine being able to ever afford a full bedroom set (or even a pretty bed) like the Lily Rose set. So, please ladies: PICK ME!!!
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