Tuesday, August 12, 2008

When procrastination is a GOOD thing...

Sometimes, being a slacker pays off!

I put off registering the boys for fall soccer for just a touch too long, and ended up missing the cut-off. Oops! In order to soothe any upsets, I frantically flipped through the park district book to find any other options for fall activities for my kids. To say that I was pleasantly surprised at their choices and reactions to the change in plans is putting it mildly.

Evan is thrilled to be attending a cooking class! He will get to make messes in someone ELSE'S kitchen for a change and I will get to applaud his efforts. Considering the fact that the words "I want to be a baker when I grow up" have come from his mouth numerous times, this should be a perfect match.When Corinne found out that she was old enough for a Mommy and Me ballet class, she shrieked, ran from the family room to find me, and threw her arms around my waist! Again, a perfect match.
Justin was a bit disappointed that the dodgeball class was nearly empty and might be cancelled and also that the video game design class was full. But when he heard that there was a fencing class? He flipped out and jumped up and down. Another happy customer...And I? I am ECSTATIC that we will have variety in our schedules. That we won't be attending 4 soccer practices a week and 2 games every Saturday. That we will have a break from the soccer routine and may, in fact, find new pastimes for our kids that they love just as much.

I will be ready for soccer again in the spring. But for now? YAY for me and free Saturdays!!!
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