Monday, August 11, 2008

Nothing special

Overheard in my house:

"EvAAANN!!! I AM a sweethaht!!"

"Yes, you are, Rinny Rinny. And I am a sweetheart, tooooo!" (imagine a singsong teasing...)

After today's venture to the store, I am beginning to look forward to school. We returned home withOUT new shoes for Justin, not enough food for dinner tonight and a large headache for myself.

And a whole lot lighter in the wallet...
Anyone else a bit obsessed with the Olympics? Apparently, Justin is as he stayed up in my room till 3 a.m. watching some of our recorded sports!! Needless to say, I was asleep on my bed and didn't realize he was still awake. Um, oops?

We were going to hit the Field museum today but decided that after the zoo, the fair, sleeping over at Nana's house, and a late night bonfire in our yard we had an exhausting weekend to rest up from.

Aren't those the cutest, itty-bittiest braids you ever saw? She loves them and I have become a master at braiding fine and wispy hair. She was thrilled that she can have braids just like her cousins (who have had long and lovely locks for quite some time now. Sigh...)
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