Friday, August 01, 2008

For the love of Cake!

Picture me crossing my fingers that I may have something exciting to share with you all soon...
I'm just here for a flash to say that I have another post in the works but was absolutely cracking up at an "Evanism" today:

After telling him that he could have a piece of the frozen chocolate cake after he had lunch, I went up to my CLEAN room to have a leftover piece of Giordano's pizza. (A pizza so good, it must be savored...) I blissfully chewed my deep dish and watched a bit of "Guess who's Coming to Dinner?" when he skipped in and exclaimed that he had finished lunch and was READY! FOR! CAKE!

I was too engrossed in both my food and movie to stop just then. Shockingly enough, Evan flopped onto the bed with all the dramatic flair of a practiced thespian. (he can convincingly cry on cue. Seriously.) Many tears and moans followed. Not wanting to hear any more of it, I told him that if he had to cry, please do it elsewhere.

"But MOMmeeee!!! I want chocolate cake so badly, I can't even feel my legs!!"

I looked at him and saw my 6 year old, flailing about as though his legs were broken. And I lost it. I laughed so hard, my eyes were watering and my nose was snorting.

Yes. He got the cake.

BAAAaaaadddd Mommy....
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