Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Wordless Wednesday and then some...

Quite the look, don't you think?

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Strangely enough, the house is ever-so-quietly humming away. No talking. No thundering feet. No begging whines for another sucker/sandwich/turn at the Xbox.
Everyone is occupied.
I KNOW. That's why I'm documenting it!! Hopefully hitting "publish post" won't jinx it...
Corinne: napping.
Evan: playing Star Wars on Xbox.
Justin: whereabouts unknown, but doing whatever he's doing without a sound. I'm not investigating and ruining a good thing...
Me? I'm drinking a cup of coffee.
We managed to get outside for a dip in the kiddie pool for a while as it is HOT and "mungy" according to Corinne. I broke down and turned the air on at 10 am when I realized it was climbing steadily with no morning breeze to cool the house down. :( The kids are exhausted from sleeping on the floor with Justin's buddy last night. They ran around for hours, wrestling and catching fireflies and then watched lots of guy movies till the wee hours of morning...
Quiet is Good. Quiet makes me calm and refreshed.
I could go for some Quiet every day....
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