Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Amphibian smackdown

Phhhbbbbttt!! So much for being Suzy Sunshine. Garrrrr!!!!! I am feeling foul right now!!

The boys were playing happily upstairs. Shrieking and strangling each other but laughing in between the shouts of pain. Some sort of wrestling/Pokemon/wrestlemania. WHATEVER. I didn't care. They were out of my hair and I was on a mission:
To Make This House Less Disgusting.

Welllll... one thing led to another and the boys were screaming in real pain from a rubber lizard being thwacked one too many times across someone's bare arms. Corinne left her perch on the couch where she was contentedly zoning out to Spirit and went to "hep dem feel bedder." She then began to cry in her most pathetic little girl whimper from getting thwacked with said lizard.

I continued to wash the pots and pans and hum a happy tune of "I'm so thankful. I choose to be happy..." and the mayhem continued to build around me...

Water spilled.

People slipped.

The lizard flew across the room several times.

More crying.

The lizard? Is on top of the fridge. The kids? Are sitting in 2 chairs with strict instructions to not talk. Or move. Or look at each other. Don't. Do. Anything.

And all that has been accomplished? In 6 hours of being awake? 5 washed pots and pans and a load of laundry in the washing machine on its THIRD CYCLE as I keep forgetting to transfer it to the dryer... 3 days in a row now. Shooting for a record!

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