Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Whew! That was fast!

Wuv. Twuuu Wuv. That's what I'm experiencing RIGHT NOW because my hubby loves me so much that he stopped on his way back from Wisconsin to pick up a new computer for me!! (either that or he was concerned for the wellfare of his children as I moaned of my loneliness and need to blog. MUST. BLOG.) I am typing on a keyboard that makes a different clicky noise (it's quiet. Almost, TOO quiet...) and I can click from one site to another withOUT the computer deciding to just quit for no apparent reason!! I KNOW. I am all fancy-schmancy and will soon be putting on airs. Beware.

I realized exactly how much this blogging world means to me in my forced sabbatical. I missed you all (sniff) and will be wondering how I will survive next week when I'm on vacation with the family!! Though, I will be obviously quite busy. Hopefully, having so much fun on the waterslides that your absence will only be noticeable in the wee hours of the morning. Yet, I fear it will be more difficult than I had planned!

I have so much to talk about in just the 3 short days that I was gone, but I am saving it for tomorrow. Gonna hop onto a few of your blogs before I hit the hay. Just wanted to say I'm BAAAaaaaaaack!!!
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