Sunday, July 13, 2008

Simple sounds

Ok, this sucks. This royally sucks. I don't know when the next time will be that I will be online and honestly? It's killing me! Yah, yah, I'm addicted, but mainly? I have FRIENDS that I keep online!! I have things I'd like to post about, people I'd like to keep in touch with, and other blogs that I would like to write for! My goal in life isn't to be a world-famous blogger, but I'd sure like to continue along the lines that I'm travelling on. Maybe pull in a few paying gigs on occasion... And it ain't gonna happen if I'm sitting at the kitchen table, twiddling my fingers! (Not that I actually do twiddle. I'll more likely be meandering around the kitchen and family room, half-heartedly picking up dirty socks and moaning over the loss of my one hobby...)

Pity me. Yes, pity me...

I spent a lovely evening yesterday with my kids and a sleepover buddy (Justin's, not mine. Perv!). I heard more about Pokemon than any one human ever should. Believe me when I say that childhood obsessions are all-consuming around here. We ate more pizza than is recommended. They traded card after card after card.... Finally, I convinced them to head outside with me where Corinne and I were snuggling on a lawn chair, watching the sun set. Yes. I watched the sun SET. It was so relaxing and will forever remain a fond memory. Corinne and I played I Spy with the shapes in the clouds, and found everything from a handprint and a smiley face to an angel and a horse... Just watching the sky go from blue and yellow to magenta, peach and raging red. Absolutely breathtaking.

The kids and I raced about in the dusky yard and captured dozens of fireflies. Corinne only squished one! Basically, it was just a nice night, with minimal casualties.

I think my mind and its memory senses are switching around a bit. I've always been sight and scent oriented. Most of my memories from the kids' childhoods (and my own, for that matter) are based on those main senses. But more often, I've been noticing the sounds around me. I've focused on the cheerful songs that the finches make as they do their swoopy dance above my home. The nighttime memories from yesterday include not only the sight of the children racing about, but also the firecrackers being set off a block away, fighter jets briefly bellowing above us, and the toddler song of Corinne as she stood atop the swingset's fort, arms outstretched, belting out her rendition of Cinderella III for anyone who was in earshot. Lately, I've closed my eyes and tried to soak in the daily music all around me. It's not something you can take a snapshot of. It's not even something you can bottle up and sniff when you need to remember (as I do with sunscreen, baby powder, and scented magic markers). I have to remind myself to get out the video camera, not only when they're doing something I want to watch, but also when they're saying something I want to listen to again.

At this moment, the daily music I am listening to includes: Spongebob, the typing of this laptop, Corinne's voice as she asks for another popsicle, and Evan's voice as he plays out some battle with action figures...

What's your music?

Remember: if you don't hear from me, it doesn't mean I don't love you. If I get online I'll post briefly, but I'm not counting on it... Hopefully, I'll resolve this by next weekend. And, if you hear an unusual banshee screaming from the suburbs of Chicago, know that it's me, and I'm jonesing something FIERCE. Please leave me lots of comments about how much you miss me. I'm gonna need some validation when I return!
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