Thursday, July 17, 2008

Nothin exciting here.

In order to get away from all of the POKEMON figures (they're multiplying, I tell you) (but it was the best damn $75 I ever spent last Christmas. EVERY day they play with them)...I decided to get all creative-like and tie-dye with the kids. We stuck to 2 colors for our first run. Much tension was felt on my part over that whole "permament" stain idea, but thankfully, nothing got stained!
Well, except for my fingers. When it says "wear rubber gloves" I highly recommend following instructions and NOT saying "Oh fiddle dee dee, what's a little blue and red on your fingers?" I'll tell you: I had PURPLE fingers for 2 days. They're are finally back to normal, but it was pretty gruesome for a while!
One of the final results! A heart shirt for Rinny! (strangely enough, this picture is vertical on my new computer but not on Blogger. Just a little snafu to figure out...)

My sweet hot husband installing my new computer! (Again with a sideways photo. Doh.) I have tons of laundry to get ready before our vacation next week! I'm sure I'll have a more riveting post later. Swear.

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