Monday, July 21, 2008

The things they say...

Evan playing outside: "Ow! Mommy!! I hurt my finger! The baseball hit it!!! OWWWW!!!"

"Oh, let me see... Looks ok, but do you need a bandaid for that little cut?"

"No, ow, It's ok, I guess."

(whole family gathering gets involved with us at this point and begins to shout out advice)

"Rub some dirt on it, son!"

"You'll be ok, get back in the game!"

"Shake it off, Evan!"

Evan - "HOW can I shake off my Finger?!?"

ba dum bump.


Me to Justin as we're hugging goodnight in his bed: "I love you, buddy."

"Love you too."

"Aren't I just your favorite Mom?"


"Well, I don't really have any choice cuz you're my ONLY mom!"

Much tickling and noogies on his head followed that statement. Lil twerp.


Corinne to herself as she plays dress-up in a floor-length ballgown: "Oh! I have to hurry for da wedding!! I am getting married today!! Oh! Where da prince? Who I can marry?!?"

Mommy: "You're getting married today? You make a lovely bride! Who's the groom?"

Corinne: "EvAN! I gots to marry you!! Get over here NOW!"

Such a sweet, blushing bride, eh?

Evan, playing in the tub with a cup of water, while Corinne splashes next to him "I'm watering my broccoli, and watermelon, and carrots, and tomatoes. Now I have to water the trees! The apple trees, and cherry trees, and orange trees and my Money Tree!"

Me: "Please, be sure to take extra care of that one!"

I have some posts scheduled for this week as we are on our way to the Dells!
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