Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A dirty word

One thing I'm hoping is happening on this vacation is that my children have forgotten how to say one simple phrase:

"I'm Bored."

Even my 2 year old can say it, thanks to her older brothers' excessive use of it!! It's a foul, foul phrase. And nothing drives me up the wall faster than a child with ample choices, 2 siblings, and 7 neighborhood friends within shouting distance who STILL insists that there is "nothing" to do!!!

Nothing? NOTHING?!? I'll tell you what, kiddo. YOU do the dishes! You wash the laundry, sweep the floor, referee 32 sibling fights, find the certain Star Wars Lego guy, put away piles and piles of clothing, clean the cat box, pull the weeds (well, actually, I don't even do that...), and the 74,886,090 things I have to do in one day and I'LL play with your toys. Trust me: I will NOT be bored. I will build a Lego city, make a fort, draw some pictures, and read a favorite book. I will sit outside and talk to my friends, ride my bike and play in the sprinkler. If you truly ARE bored, I can remedy it for you with ease!
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