Saturday, July 19, 2008

Nobody reads a Saturday post, anyway. Right?

The bags are packed. I am trying hard to not chew my nails down from worrying over forgetting something. I keep reminding myself that there are stores where we're going! If needed, we can always buy whatever I may forget. But it's just that extra hassle, you know?

We had a blast at John Mayer last night! Patrick and I get along with my sister and brother-in-law really well. I just wish we would go out more often. I felt like a GROWN-UP, which is nice. I was even able to pretend that we didn't look too old at the concert. I thought I was totally dressing appropriately, and, to a degree, I was. I mean, it was 92 and sunny out for an outdoor concert. I was wearing a sandals, capris and a tank top. Nothing revealing or uncomfortable to sit on the lawn in. If anyone has been to the World, er Tweeter Center, oops, I mean AT&T stadium (can you tell they have issues keeping a sponsor?) you know that the lawn is a very steep hill. Also? It rained that morning, so there was sufficient mud surrounding everywhere. Got the visual? Good.

Now. I want you to think of the least appropriate choice of clothing for a young woman to wear to a hot, outdoor concert on a steep muddy hill. Got it? Probably something similar to this, right?

I kid you not. Dressy dresses were in abundance! There are 5 dresses just there in front of us!! And they were EVERYwhere!! Is it just me? Is this a marker of how old I am? I mean, I cannot imagine wearing a dress to an OUTDOOR concert in the HEAT and MUD, even if I were 19 again!! (Man, to be 19 again...) I recall wearing a flowy, hippie skirt a few times, but honestly, I was in the minority and it was mudddddyyy by the end of the concerts!!

Anyway, onto the concert! Man, that guy can play. He literally was making out with his guitar.

Not THAT guy. But he is pretty cute, eh?

Speaking of incredible, look at the "after" shot of the field...

Now, imagine this multiplied by 100, at least for the Tinley Park field. Then, figure out that the concert hall has concerts every weekend and many week nights, too. Remember that there were blankets, shoes, and the strangest odds and ends incorporated in this mess. And NOW think of allll of the concerts and halls all over the U.S. (it's too much to think of the world. Just too, too much...)

Sickening, eh?

My sister and her husband helped deplete this landfill contribution by taking a shirt they found on the way out. Oh, and by using the blanket they found abandoned at the LAST concert they were at. Way to reuse, guys!

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