Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Give me the low-down or down-low or whatever you cool cats are calling it nowadays...

I am LOVING this scheduled posting option!! Sure hope it's working out while I'm gone because I honestly don't think there will be a way for me to check in until we get back. :(

So, what have you all been up to? Leave me a note if something phenomenal happens, please? To be honest, I will not be able to read the hundreds of new posts that I KNOW will be waiting for me in Bloglines. I may be able to skim a portion, but commenting will definitely be out and reading 7 or 8 posts may also be expecting a lot from myself. So, please! Let me know if you've written a post you're really proud of or if your family did something awesome or if something not so awesome happened (hope not). I consider you my friends (even you lurkers. Yes, YOU. I know you're there!!!!) and want to be kept in the loop.

With that said, I can only imagine that, as this post is released, I am getting ready to go down yet another waterslide and play some more miniature golf.... I love Wisconsin Dells!
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