Monday, July 07, 2008

Bone tired

Heh. Steph just posted about being Judy Tired. That's me, today! Though, I might have been less than sweet about it and said "freakin tired" but, well, she's nicer than I am.

Why am I so tired? (I know you were totally asking that, and holding your breath till I filled you in. Admit it. And please! Don't hold your breath. It's not good for you.)

Our weekend is partly to blame. I mean, you can't go to an all-day party and fireworks on Friday, Ribfest and watching Joan Jett well into the night on Saturday (more on that in a minute) and then an extended outdoor brunch on Sunday and not be tired.

But mainly it's from cleaning. CLEANING people. My family room, to be exact. The extra toys that had immigrated from bedrooms and the basement are back in their native lands. Thanks for visiting, but please get a passport first. The stuffed animals that had been squatting in the toybox and were flowing onto the floor amidst Pokemon cards and Matchbox cars are awaiting some cuddling back on the beds. I relocated the kitchen set and shopping cart (with 2 buckets of play food) to the basement.

Folks, I even vacuumed with the attachments. Yes. My family room is clean.

However, I just shrieked like a banshee at my children when they exclaimed over the long-lost toys that they could now SEE again. "NO TOYS TODAY!!" No one, and I mean NO. ONE. is allowed to play in the family room today. No playing!! Stop having fun!! I just want something to remain clean. I think I'll take a picture so that I can prove to Patrick that YES, I did a crapload of work today. But housework is fluid, you know? Cleaning with children in the home is like trying to hold back the ocean with a sand structure. It might work for a bit, but when the tide comes in? Forget about it. (make sure you use a thick New York Italian accent for that last bit, m'kay?)
I have some AWEsome pictures from Saturday! We went to the Naperville Ribfest and our kids saw their first real concert. They also entertained a group of inebriated college kids with some wicked dance moves. I have some serious attention hogs, let me tell you!

Evan and Corinne were so excited to feed the goats. Like, crazy excited. Go figure. Thankfully, the goats were really interested in the grass they were feeding them, so I saved a few bucks on buying animal feed. Score! Of course, everything else cost an arm and a leg... the rides! Ka-CHING! The boys loved them, but Corinne sobbed about being too little.

So we let her and Evan ride the kiddie Ferris wheel. Think they liked it?

I managed to embarrass myself by falling on my butt on the rope thingy (and then by posting a really unflattering picture on the internet. Genius!)

After dancing like maniacs to Joan Jett, the kids were getting tired....

I just love summer festivals!

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