Sunday, July 06, 2008

A perfect slice of time

Today. Ah, today. Today we visited Patrick's aunt to celebrate his grandma's 86th birthday. Today we feasted on brunch outdoors with people who love us and adore our children. Today was heavenly...

Besides the gorgeous weather, loved ones laughing and plentiful food (including pastries from Harner's Bakery in Aurora. To DIE for) the day was special in another way.

Location, baby.

Do you know of any place that is just magical for kids? That is nothing but loving, indulgent, and safe? That is what the home of this great-aunt means for my children. She not only thinks everything they do is amazing and precious, but provides an atmosphere of fun and whimsy.

Let me walk you through the gate and into one of our favorite spots to relax with family...

Though the yard isn't large, it's plenty big to play some wiffle ball and to swat at bubbles with fly swatters...

In every corner, you find flowers that surprise you....

And funny faces in unexpected places!

Little critters hide beneath the foliage,

Just waiting to be discovered.

Flowers that show up without invitation are welcomed and allowed to seek shelter in the shade of lawn chairs.

And the calendar doesn't dictate the decor. Especially if it's cute.

It's the kind of place that makes an older brother insist to his sister that he saw a fairy "right there!"

And so you help your daughter make a fairy house with twigs, rocks and flowers....

... just in case one might need to rest her weary wings....

No matter where you look, the garden is abundant with love.

Does your family have a secret garden to explore?

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