Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sorry. My bad.

You know, considering I preach continuously about living in the moment and being thankful for what you have, I certainly have had my share of whiny posts lately. Sorry for that. It's not my intention and I am honestly going to try and count my blessings.

Instead of griping that Corinne is sitting on my lap right now, blocking my hands from typing comfortably, I will try and remember that she won't fit on my lap for much longer, what with her gazelle legs stretching towards the floor! I will note that her hair smells like rain from playing outside. That her voice is still so squeaky and young. I am so grateful that she adores me as much as I adore her. She is wearing pink sunglasses at 9 at night and jabbering on to herself about the proper way to position them on her head "Just like Mommy." Her fingers are "typing" on the desk and she's giggling in her phony laugh that she recently invented. I'll have to get it on recording because it's a riot!

The boys are laughing and squealing while watching baseball with Patrick and I am thrilled beyond reason that the dishwasher is running at night so that the dishes will be clean in the morning. THRILLED.

The big storm that passed over our house was nothing more than angry clouds with miniscule raindrops. No worries of tornadoes plagued my thoughts tonight.

And Patrick arrived home from yet another motorcycle ride alive (though he did reopen his deep cut on his finger from a knife injury from earlier today. It probably needed a stitch or two, but it seems to be healing ok..)

See? Look at all of the things I am grateful for! Now I just need an idea for some interesting blog posts, and I'll be all set!

Hey, don't forget that there's a new issue of Root and Sprout out! Yours truly has 2 articles this time around. If you have any posts you'd like to contribute, Melissa is ALWAYS looking for new contributors.
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