Sunday, June 29, 2008

In which I strap my children into whizzing metal cages and smile about it...


To say that I'm tired wouldn't do my exhausted state justice. Let's just say that when Justin came into my room last night saying he had a stomach ache and felt like he was gonna puke from too much sweets, I rolled over and said "please make it into the toilet" and fell back asleep!

(for the record: he never puked. It was just a tummy ache but he was up and in our room and bathroom for about 2 hours...)

And WHY, pray tell, are we so very weary and pukey feeling?

Great America!

Yes. Even after my last visit, we took the boys to the amusement park again. They had, after all, completed a very lengthy reading goal in the school year to earn free Six Flags tickets. And, despite the hour of sideways downpour (which happened while we ate lunch. How lucky is THAT?) and despite the cost of everything, we had a fabulous time!

This was Evan's first time on a roller coaster. We were ALMOST sure that he would love it. After all, knowing his personality, fast rides should be right up his alley.

And they WERE!! My 6 year old rode EVERY ride that he was tall enough! AND he rode them in the front cars on his first tries! AND he rode them with his hands up!! Can you believe that? I'm not sure if I should be proud and happy of his willingness to try new things or scared off my ass that he's such a thrill-seeker... Those teenage years are looming ahead and I do believe that this kid will give me a heart attack.

However, until then, we will have fun riding as many coasters as he wants!!

Another fabulous part of yesterday was getting yet another glimpse at the way Justin has matured. He started off the day GRUM.PY. and I remembered our old days full of several tantrums a day... But after we got onto a ride and then a little food in his belly? He was a different kid (note to self: Keep eldest child fed and hydrated). Even when it rained and we realized we couldn't do the water park this year (AGAIN. In his 4 years going, something has happened so that we can't do the water park each time). Even when he changed his mind just before getting onto Batman with me and had to wait off of the ride until I got off. Even when the park closed at 9 pm instead of 10 pm as we had thought and everything closed down (including snack stands. That struck me as odd. They missed out on so much money...). Throughout all of these disappointments, he dealt with it and moved on, just like a "normal" kid would. For people who haven't witnessed the tragedy it would have meant to him previously, these sound like trivial things that just happen. But for my son, they were deal breakers. I know, I know. I've raved about this growth a lot, lately. But it still amazes me that our whole family's lives are so different because of this maturity... It's awesome.

And, with that, I am off to doze on the couch while the kids wreck havoc around me. Justin and Patrick are still asleep while Evan and Corinne munch on cinnamon rolls and that will be the extent of the excitement for this day!
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