Friday, June 13, 2008

The smell of a true mother...

You know you're a REAL mom when your toddler makes an urpy noise in your arms at Red Lobster and you instinctively turn her face towards your chest as you flee to the corner behind the table so that your shirt will absorb as much of the impending vomit as possible.

Also, you will intuitively know that you will not be able to catch all of the puke to come, so you do a gymnastic stretch to grab as many napkins as you can while simultaneously hissing for the bigger cloth ones from your husband and the rest of the family who are somewhat in a daze as to the speed with which this is happening. You will calmly clean and cover the puke as best as you can while automatically ordering your food to go, your husband to switch the car seat to your car IMMEDIATELY and alerting the staff (discreetly) that there is vomit in the corner of the restaurant and it isn't fully cleaned up.

You will do this all the while fuschia flecks of your daughter's lunch is dripping down your own leg and shirt, and think nothing of the fact that the smell is permeating from you. You will carry your baby girl to the car while stroking her forehead and noting that her temperature is rising steadily. You will curse yourself for having farmed her out to so many people that you didn't even realize that she was sick and thereby took her to a restaurant instead of straight home.

What a lovely way to end the week, eh? I'm off to the shower as Corinne is passed out in her crib. Hopefully, she got all of the gunk out and will sleep through the night...
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