Friday, June 13, 2008

The best post ever*

Ahhhh.... Home again.

Day Camp 2008 is over. We had a really good time, met some nice people, but I am SO glad to be done! It was thrilling to see Evan with his peers. He makes friends so easily, and adapts to new situations so well... He amazes me.
Had to document that I was actually AT a function, you know? All the pictures are of the kids but never of me.

I still can't believe that I let my boys do the bb guns and archery. I am so incredibly anti-guns that this should feel wrong to me, yet it doesn't. Evan listened really well and the range master is extremely concerned about safety and following the rules. Never before have I seen a group of 6 and 7 year old boys sit so quietly and follow instructions so well! Maybe a rifle in my hands during chores and homework would be handy, after all?

Ah. Arts and crafts. I feel that this was the one area that we did TOO many of, but, well, it is what it is.
Also? I didn't realize how dextrous Evan is! He can thread a really frayed piece of twined rope through holes in a piece of felt without fraying it more or getting stuck. Honestly? He was one of the FEW boys who could do this. Even the parents that were helping were having problems...
50 points if you can figure out what this art project is....
Justin had a blast at the water games' station. I didn't see him much as he was with the older boys' group, but we ran into each other at lunch every day.

Throwing mallets. What is with boys and the need to throw weaponry?
I want you to witness why, exactly, it is important to wear sunscreen...
Because if you don't? You may end up with a lovely reverse "v" on your nose. I actually made sure to NOT sunscreen my skin between my eyes, today. Unfortunately, the sun was behind the clouds most of the day today, so I am still very gorgeous and stripey...

Here's the downfall to having your husband put 2 very sleepy boys to bed while you drive your daughter to yet another family member's house. I had to roll Evan into Patrick's armpit to get some space!

And I'm beat. No time for witty comments. No time for cute memories or tidbits. I'm spent. I'm off to collect my baby girl and then I am in bed EARLY!!!

* ok, that post title was simply to see who might click over for the google. And, also, because I have no desire to think of a humorous quip to put up there. I simply don't.

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