Thursday, June 26, 2008

The answers you've been looking for: Part 1

Truly, thank you to everyone who asked because I am seriously out of ideas lately!

And NOW, the Truth About Tracey:

My dear friend Kristi, from Interrupted Wanderlust (who is pregnant with twins!!) asked if I could live anywhere in the world, and money was no object, where would I live? (other than home, of course)

You know, I'm gonna have to be cheesy and answer that I really wouldn't want to live anywhere that my family wasn't at. If you could guarantee that my kids could still see their grandparents and cousins on a weekly basis, then I'd say I'd love to live near the beach. Any beach is fine, but preferrably one that isn't known for hurricanes and such. You know, early death and loss of property being kind of low on my expectations for an ideal home.... but I sure do love the waves, sand and waterlife (except Jaws).

She also asked who my favorite author is...

Fave author? In the whole wide world? Oy... That's like asking me my favorite singer because I love a lot of them but can rarely remember their names. I have ALWAYS loved Isaac Asimov (though not his Foundation series. Couldn't get much further than the second book before I would fall asleep from the lengthy descriptions). His short stories, though? Awesome. Brilliant. I have several collections of his that are dog-eared and coffee stained sitting on my shelves. I was thrilled to see the movies Bicentennial Man and I, Robot come out these past years. I sat down and picked those movies apart:

"THAT'S not the way it was in the book, though I understand why they changed it..."

"She's supposed to be an old woman!! Typical Hollywood..."

I just couldn't leave it alone. Patrick was grinding his teeth in frustration because he HATES it when I talk through movies. It's much easier to make a movie from a short story into a movie than from a book and try to condense it though, IMHO. At least, it makes for less upset from the loyal readers over things they've left out of the movies...

Moving on!

Another dear friend, Michele, from Type Little A asked, "What did you want to be when you grew up, who do you most admire, and how do you like your eggs?" (She cracks me up...)

What did I want to be when I grew up? Which year? It changed so frequently... I think that the most long-lasting desires would be: English teacher, Actress, writer for National Geographic, and ALWAYS, a Mommy. I got one of them, at least...

Who do I most admire? You know, that's a harder question than you might think. I honestly have to sit back for a bit and ponder that one. I don't make a habit of idolizing other people. We're all human and we all make mistakes. I can only be who I am, and putting anyone on a pedastol just isn't my thing. BUT, since you asked, I would have to say that I admire my family. My parents, my mother in law, my sisters... they are all great people, with their own hardships and trials. Overcoming one's obstacles isn't easy for anyone, and I love that my loved ones manage to stand as one and manage our crises together.

Eggs? Scrambled ONLY. And well-cooked. Any runny or solidified yolk/white that is separated makes me gag. You could give me some toast to put them on and I'd be much happier, btw...

Dragonfly asked "Where is your dream vacation?" There are so many!! Truly, anywhere in the world, please!! But if I had to focus on just one, I'd choose Southeast Asia. Let me hike through those mountains and get lost in the fields... I want to be moved by the beauty and tragedy of the people that inhabit those lands.

She also asked who I would have lunch with, if I could choose anyone in history... Hmmm. Other than my husband, since I DO see him regularly, but never for lunch, I'd choose my great-grandmother on my mom's side. I would love to hear about my family's history, and see what life was like for a woman from Italy, living in Chicago about a hundred years ago. Can you imagine the perspective you could attain from meeting an ancestor? The vast differences in our priorities and the common goals for our families... That would truly be a life-altering experience.

My first friend from New Zealand, Hannah, of Blair's Boys asked what my job was before being a SAHM. (BTW, Hannah, thanks for the lovely compliments on my writing. You are too incredibly sweet. And if you guys want to see beautiful art, check out what Hannah produces on a regular basis. WHILE being a mom to 2 little boys!) Life before kids wasn't very unusual. I went to college for a few semesters but really had no desire to "be" anything. I knew that none of those careers that were offered spoke to me. Nothing drew me into it enough to want to dedicate my life (or even just a few years of studying) to them. I got a job in a small, family-run company doing basic accounts payable and receivable. After seeing how hard of a worker I was and how quickly I absorbed new information, they continued to teach me and give me new responsibilites. Eventually, I was working with the CFO and learning all sorts of stuff from her. (She was a former BIG wig for a large corporation that took this smaller job in order to be with her family more). I was truly considering going back to school for accounting. Had I done so, the company would have probably helped me out. This company was a big supporter to their employees, and stuck with me through the birth and first year of Justin. They even allowed for me to condense my working schedule so that I'd have Wednesdays off with him. However, I knew that my real desire was to be a full-time mother that could spend time with her children. I knew, early on, that no career would EVER fulfill me the way that raising my kids would. In fact, it was something I said in my interview when they told me that there weren't a whole lot of options for advancement in their small company! When we had issues with daycare 2 times in 3 months, I took it as a sign and tried to quit. They kept me on as the payroll and AP/AR person on an hourly basis from home for about 6 months! It was a great transition to a single paycheck family...

Whew! Wordy answer, eh?

Hannah also asked what my favorite time of the day was: early morning. I KNOW. Yawn.... I used to be a night owl, but now, with little kids, I am used to being up early. One of the benefits of children is that I now get to see the birds outside my door while I drink a cup of coffee. I get to open the windows and let in the morning air, which is just my FAVORITE type of air. It's all new and untouched. Everyone walks with a quieter step and speaks in a softer tone, afraid to marr the fresh face of dawn...

And my guilty food pleasure? Heh. Which one? I love food. BRING. It. ON. Dove chocolate with caramel. Fannie May raspberry creams. King Crab with lemon. A huge bowl of crawfish and gumbo.

Great. Now I'm hungry. I think I'll answer the other questions in another post as this one got lengthy!! Go ahead and add any more questions you can think of. I swear, I'll respond to them all!!
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