Sunday, June 08, 2008

In which I remember that I am NOT 13 years old...

You know, blogging and reading blogs is definitely a way to curb any pity parties. Just when you let the PMS and broken air conditioner (on a HUMID 86 degree day) get you down... Just when you start to feel all "woe is me!" because your husband is at a Sox game and your kids are in Chicago for the day with Grandma and you're all alone in a sticky house... You read a post about real tragedies. You read a post where life isn't focused on the petty and insignificant.

It's unsettling to me, how quickly I let my grumpiness get ahold of me. I make a point to remind myself and everyone around me that life, in itself, is a fleeting gift. You have to enjoy what you have, when you have it, for it may not be here tomorrow.... Today's weepy display over a broken air conditioner is downright adolescent behavior and I'm not proud of it.

Still. I guess being able to acknowledge my faults and attempt to alter them is a positive asset, right?

ANYway. Since I can't drink my required caffeine at home (the temp just went up 2 degrees in my house as I typed this) I do believe that I will shower and change and head to the lovely air conditioning at the mall. I haven't been shopping in ages. Not that I really WANT to go shopping, mind you. Just that I need to be proactive and get OUT of here.

Hmmm. Maybe a matinee? I wonder what's playing at the theater.... I haven't ever been to a movie by myself. EVER. I'm thinking it's a requirement of being an independent adult...

Let's see if I have the cahones.

I have another post at Chicago Moms Blog, explaining a bit more of the reasons behind my melancholy... If you're interested, you can read it here.
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