Friday, June 06, 2008

Cuz I'm a loser, baby....

So. I just spent about 45 minutes googling something on the internet that should have been released by today. I was getting really down, because I figured it must not have had as good of a response as I'd hoped.

More and more upset, I started berating myself, saying "Why did you think that anything you've written is worth it? Please. You are Just Another Mommy Blog. For a reason, you chose this name. Get over yourself and get on with life."

As I was about to log off and play Pokemon cards with Justin (Joy!) I got another email confirming some information which said something to the effect of "... so make sure to google it on Monday..."

Wait. Isn't today Monday? Right?

Um. No.

Today is Friday you twit.

Obviously I have been on summer vacation too long. I mean, 3 days of kids, kids, kids and one is sure to lose track of time. Am I right or am I right?

Continuing on that line of thought, we have already done 12 of the 36 items on my kids' list from below (we've added a few since I posted). Holy Crap. People, ONE THIRD of their activities in 3 days???

I'm gonna need a longer list...

Notice that Evan still had to be aiming his laser gun at me, Corinne is standing still ONLY because I promised her candy to just do ONE picture with her brothers and Justin is in the process of getting ready to hose me down. This was taken yesterday. Not today, where there are tornado and severe thunderstorm watches until the wee hours of the morn...

Ahhh. Illinois. Gotta love it here!

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