Friday, June 20, 2008

Heh. Did I just hit post?

Dude. I am extremely hormonal. Talk me OUT of this, people, cuz I am going downhill fast.

I just wrote a really whiny, "woe is me" post for Chicago Moms Blog. Look for it soon! Sure to be lots of fun!


Patrick is working all night. The kids are asleep. I am drinking glass numero dos of wine and I feel incredibly pathetic and alone. Also? Something smells really foul. I was worried that I was the stinky culprit, but (thankfully) I believe it is the trash can. Rather than clean it out (hello? Midnight anyone?) I am enduring its odor. There are worse tragedies in life, right?


Seriously? I am not due for my period. (sorry menfolk) I do not need to be having mood swings right now.

Blogging while slightly intoxicated is not for the meek of heart. I surely will embarrass myself at some point, so I will put out any apology needed for any comment I may leave that should have been edited before being posted. I am not myself tonight. Please, faint of heart bloggers: move along. Nothing to see here...
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