Friday, June 20, 2008

Make you banana pancakes...

Love that song.

I'm eating banana pancakes right now and you know what? They're not as good as they sound in the song. I'm thinking it's the chef, though...

Today has been one of those whiny, "I'm boooored" days. I swear, I was yelling and stamping my foot. Very mature. Thankfully, Justin's friend just called and they snatched him away for the day and then OVERNIGHT. Yesssss!!!! Corinne and Evan are eating their pancakes and watching a little tv and I am trying to unwind my tightly wound, erm, you know.

Deep breathing.... Ahhhh....

I got to talk to Tonya on the phone for a bit today (Hi Tonya!). She's so sweet. It's always cool to put a voice to a face and blog. Can't wait till we get together!

Dang. Dried paint in your arm hair hurts like something else when you pick it out! I have been pulling out all of the stops in my attempts to entertain these offspring of mine. And listening to Corinne's whine is snapping my temper like a brittle twig. It's instantaneous. She whines: I freak. I'm hoping it's molars or something because her lil attitude is wearing away at mine. I can't even form a coherent post, I'm so distracted by the "eeeehhhhhh!!" and "Evaaaaannnn" coming from her nasally falsetto in the kitchen...
I was watching an MTV or VH1 "I love the 70's" show the other day. Remember those Calgon, Take me away commercials? Yeah. That's me. Oh, and Justin found the hairdo he's been aiming for...

Think he's close?

Totally hot. I'm sure all of the girls will swoon over my 9 year old... which is exactly the kind thought I cannot handle today. Ick!

Strangely enough, downloading those pics and my coffee just perked me right up! I'm all chipper and ready to smile. See?

Granted, that's not a pic from right now, but you get the idea.

(the whining has ceased... thank you Ni Hao Kai Lan!)
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