Sunday, June 22, 2008


Well, THIS weekend certainly turned my frown upside down! My neighborhood had a festival on Saturday. Free food! Free DIPPIN DOTS (Ka-ching!) and free jumpy things with slides. Bring it on. The sky was blue. The air was breezy and warm. And the kids were having a ball!

It was quite odd to know that Justin has arrived at the age where I can say "go ahead to that area and have fun. I'll be over here..." Odd. My baby is able to be away from me in a crowded carnival.... And he was ok. And I was ok. Very unnerving and I don't think I am entirely comfortable with it, but I wasn't as nervous as I would have expected. Instead? I was chilling on the grass with a pop and watching my kids find schoolmates and bond with new ones while narrowly avoiding breaking their necks.

I was also pretty damn cool (if I do say so myself) when a whole mixup with shoes seemed to point to a lost pair for Justin. I politely confronted a woman who was holding Justin's sandals in her hands (no shoes on jumpy things, so there were shoes scattered across the field like dandelions) . I said "I believe those are my son's shoes..." She swore up and down that her grandson had taken them off of his feet and put them into her hands. I raised my eyebrows and just walked away. I mean, even though I KNEW they were his, they didn't have his name on them, so how could I prove it? I simply said to Justin, "Well, you didn't really like them anyway. I guess you get new sandals, eh?" He was remarkably calm about this, as well. (a year or two ago, this could have been a serious melt-down). Life was fine.

The best part? The best part was when the woman was walking by me about 10 minutes later with 2 pairs of sandals in her hands and a sheepish look on her face.

Me - walking out to meet her, for I knew what she was going to say...

Her - Oh my God. I am SO SORRY! My grandson said that these were his, but his mom said that THESE were his instead! etc. etc.

Poor lady. She was SO embarrassed. I was gracious and not at ALL condescending. I was just thankful to have saved $12.99 on another pair of sandals!


And today? TODAY we went to my dad's workplace for their 50th anniversary party! Very awesome, as he works at C#terpill#r.
Remember how I said I always dress them alike? See?
Lots of big trucks, big bolts and big MANLY stuff. They also provided free food, drinks, cotton candy, ice cream and any other goody you can imagine at a fair. Good stuff, people. Good stuff...There were several jumpy things there, as well. My children are thoroughly exhausted, as you can imagine. And filthy. Oh, how filthy...

I am thinking that we are set for carnivals this season. If we don't make it to another one, the kids won't be any the wiser. And we won't be out a SINGLE dime.

Air guitar anyone?

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