Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Captain's log: day 1

It's gonna be a loooongggg week...

Man, we had fun! Evan got to shoot a bow and arrow!! "Just like a Knight, Mommy!" And he actually hit the target 2 times when the instructor helped him. When I helped, well... the grass. BUT, it flew straight.

We got a bite on our fishing line, though nothing to show for our "work" (read, sitting in the sunshine, hoping that one or two fish will take pity on the 20 worms dangling in the WRONG spots for fish to eat...). Evan felt sorry for the poor worm that got torn in half (long night-crawler), poked in 2 spots, thrown into the water to drown slowly, and then bitten by a fish and yet STILL managed to wriggle and squirm, so he found a good, shady muddy area for the worm to "heal." Or be bird food. Whichever. Whole circle of life thing, eh?

By some strange planning, our group did FOUR of the six crafts scheduled for the week, in just one day! But, they were fun and our group managed it well. We are now the proud owners of a pirate ship, catapult, "friendship" stick (don't ask, cuz I don't know...) and a wooden octopus. Evan was so focused and creative! His colors were all over the place, but so typically HIM, that I could pick them out of the pile, no problem.

I had to giggle when the art lady came by and said "No! No! No! That's not how the friendship sticks are supposed to look!! You're supposed to paint them with the colors like THIS!!" and then showed us a diagram we were "supposed" to follow. I know she meant well, but seriously? This is ART. Art is subjective and you can only provide the materials and a few basic plans for kids. Then, let them at it! WHO CARES how their sticks were painted and decorated?? Isn't the point that they're all different??

We do have a downer parent in our group. I hope that her attitude turns around this week, and that today was just an off day, but man. I'm not counting my chickens on it...

Her son reminded me a bit of Justin at 6 years old. Sensitive, easy to upset, and once upset, very upset. Her reaction? Sigh... Hopefully I wasn't THAT bad. Hopefully I didn't call Justin a baby in front of his peers. Or roll my eyes and sigh and groan at his attempts to glue the extremely complicated pirate ship together. Or take his pirate ship away from him and just do it myself. Because that's not the point of camp. The point is trying new things. Succeeding and failing. Gluing the pirate sails on upside down because you like it better that way. You know? I truly hope I never did any of that.... Because the sadness I saw on that little boy's face, and the angst in his eyes was heartbreaking.

Speaking of heartbreaking, my heart isn't doing too well without my Corinne...I was fine at camp, mostly. But last night, this morning, and right now? I'm struggling to not call my parents' house AGAIN and see if she's up from her nap yet. To talk to her and hear her squeaky voice tell me about the petting zoo and spending the day alone with her Nana...

I miss my baby....

Added to that, my husband is out of town until Thursday.... I am feeling completely out of sorts. Too many missing appendages. Too many loved ones in different places, and I'm all antsy and fidgety.

Sigh. I have to cruise now as the laundry isn't going to wash itself nor will the hash browns and eggs get made without my able hands.

Stay tuned for cute stories such as: "Who knew you could get hurt doing _____?" and "Yet ANOTHER use for frisbees!"
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