Thursday, June 26, 2008

So. Whaddya wanna know?

Blank screens... Ugh.

Writer's block, anyone?

My desk is overflowing with books, folders, Pokemon cards, an empty box of Oh's and plastic "jewels" that were picked off of a crown by Corinne and are awaiting a gluestick for reapplication.

My house is filled with the sounds of Evan and Corinne running around the circle: kitchen, hallway, living room, and then ZOOM! past me and back into the kitchen again. Laughing and squealing with alternating delight and then aggravation... In the distant background, I hear Drake and Josh arguing over who did what to which nerd intermingling with the music from the Nintendo DS Pokemon game. The air conditioner is, sadly, humming away as the humidity outside of my little universe is ridiculous. It's so incredibly hot out, that a trip to the pool is laughable, though I might be convinced after a few more hours of pleading and whining.

Scatter-brained doesn't adequately cover my mood right now. Motherhood is in full swing over here, seeing as how I had to forego one of nature's most basic rights and needs, ahem, in order for my 2 year old to use the toilet of HER choice, which just happened to be the one I was occupying, even though she had just gone 10 minutes earlier.... They don't write THAT one in the manuals, now do they?

In order to have something to talk about, I do believe I'll employ an old blogging tactic (from the good ole days, ya know) and ask you, my lovely readers, what questions are burning a hole in your keyboard, just waiting to know about moi??? I know, I know, it's hard to just pick A question, but let's try, shall we?

Gonna sit back and await your brilliant queries while I drink my coffee in my artificially cooled house and fold yet another basket of laundry.
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