Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wet Wednesday

Wouldn't it figure that the weekend I finally agree to have a garage sale, it's predicted to rain the entire time? I am not a big fan of holding garage sales. The amount of effort involved and the actual $ that is brought in is never "worth it" in my experience. Whatever doesn't sell is going right into the donation truck, so I am pricing reeeaaalllly low. In fact, if you happen by my sale, I will probably just give you what you were thinking about. Honestly? I don't haggle. If my price of $1.00 for a brand new dvd in the case (doubles from a dvd company) is too high for you? Then just take it. The buck isn't worth the discussion.

Oy. I need this coffee to kick in. I couldn't fall asleep very quickly last night due to the fact that Justin was in our bed, and HE couldn't fall asleep, due to the conversation that Patrick had with the kids. He was just trying to make them understand that water does NOT belong in the heat vent (um, yikes!) and Justin got freaked over the whole invisible gases leaking into our home idea. Patrick went downstairs to check the pilot light and make Justin feel better, but the poor kid was so worried that he actually felt nauseous, and scared that he would throw up!

Back to the rain, Patrick and Justin are supposed to go on a scouting campout this weekend.... Heh. Heh... I don't know what's worse: being in a soaking wet tent in a rainy campground with muddy boys or being at my garage sale alone, with 2 kids that want to play outside but have to stay with Mom while she watches people wonder if they should fork over 25 cents for a Gap sweatshirt.

Topping it all off? I have a sore throat and am coughing. Oh, and I have NOTHING in the garage yet. Guess what I'm doing today....
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