Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Another quickie.

Again, with the long absence? And again, with only moments to update before I blast off to school, playdate, school again and finally home? May is crazy busy. Like, off the charts. I don't mind it TOO much, as I know that June, July and August are pretty wide open weeks with a few campfires and waterslides thrown in. Still, the hectic schedule is tiring and not very conducive for blogging! Add into that, a fabulous new book that I finished at 1 am (gift from Patrick for Mother's Day) and, well. You can figure out what I've been up to.

Speaking of, the new book is called The Host by Stephenie Meyer. AWEsome. Getting a random book as a gift is always interesting, not always satisfying. This time, though, it was a wonderful choice. Again, not a bunch of time to write as I hear Corinne shouting for me, and the boys haven't eaten and my hair is in a wet towel, but it's definitely worth the read. (Any book good enough to finish over 600 pages in 2 days is worth a look, eh?)
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